Top 5 Tips on Buying Technology: Hardware and Software

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I am an early adopter when it comes to technology. I tend to spot tech trends sooner than the average consumer, and I’m quick to buy something when it’s hot off the shelf. However, this isn’t always the best way to go about purchasing new technology. Here are Pongo Shawn’s top five tips when buying new technology products:

  • Don’t buy immediately Is this something you really need? Or do you just want it, because it looks cool or everyone else is buying it? Chances are, if you buy based on “want”… you will end up wasting money on things you’ll never use. Also, look for discounts whenever possible. You can always keep an eye on my blog for special deals and coupons.
  • Don’t always shop at the same store Even if you have one favorite place where you like to buy all your techie products, shop around for other stores who may have the same thing at a much lower price.
  • Do your homework This is a must no matter what you’re doing. Check online for product reviews, but take them with a grain of salt. If people are complaining about the color… and that doesn’t matter much to you… then it’s not really “negative” feedback, is it? However, if many people are saying the same things about defects, you better think twice about that particular purchase.
  • Be careful buying used items This is especially true with buying through Ebay or other similar sites. Check out the person you’re wanting to buy from. For instance, on Ebay you can view a seller’s rating. My video uploader Kat has a method she always uses. She refuses to buy from anyone who has less than 1000 ratings. Of those 1000, they must have a minimum of 99% positive feedback. Otherwise, she looks for someone else to shop with. This is just for your own protection, folks.
  • Don’t wait forever for new versions There will always be something newer, but it may not always be “better”. When you find what fits your budget and your needs, buy it once you’ve researched.

Edited to add follow-up. I received another excellent tip via Email after this video was posted, and wanted to pass it along:

Hey Chris,
First i want to say that i am an extreamly avid readier of you blog, chatter in your chatroom, and subscriber to the Youtube channel, and podcast. Recently, I watched a video that you posted on Youtube, about a top 5 that you read, about Buying Technology, Hardware and software.

After watching it, i really wanted to bring-up another point: about 90% of the time, there is a free/shareware or opensorce alternative to the software out there. Allot of people don’t like this, because of things they have heard in the past about free software, (that they cause virus etc..) but as long it is trusted, and recommended by people that you trust, (like you!) you should be fine. Allot of the time, the free alternative is just as good, or better than the one you where going to pay a fortune for. Also, when buying software, don’t immediately buy it at the store. Not only can you most likely get it cheaper online, but sometimes, there are free demo downloads for the software on their website, or other trusted places, like

Hope this helps!

~Steven, Naples, Florida

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