Indians Know how To Get Down

Heres some footage of how real indians get down. This was taken at a resort in india. A company was holding a party at this place and so i caught some indians getting funky to a dorky DJ's tunes.

Funny Arabic Cartoon

Funny arabic cartoon baby Translated: mom i peed come clean me up, mom my brother peed too come clean him up, mom we peed. Its Funnier In Arabic: Please Rate And Comment

Funny Baby Makes A Speech

12 month old girl performs political speech. A Party Political Broadcast on Behalf of the Toddler Party.

American Idol - 5 worst

Need I say more? SPAM FREE ZONE

Funny American Idol Auditions

Porsche commercial

A porsche commercial spot

Single Ladies with Detroit Pistons Mascot Beyonce Spoof

Have you ever wondered what Beyonce's Single Ladies video would look like if performed by the Detroit Pistons mascot Hooper and his back up dancers from the Spare Tires? Check out more from the Off...

Funny Nba Bloopers Of 2006-2007

2008 NBA Bloopers

Some clips of the greatest bloopers of the 2006-2007 NBA season...comment thx...

2nd Worst Basketball Player Ever

Garrett Steinger is... The 2nd Worst Basketball Player Ever. This is the first legitimate competition for James Catusco's title of "Worst Basketball Player Ever". Leave comments with who you thin...


funniest version of ymca

singer is funny, musicians are funny, dancers are funny. a clip from 70s probably.

Very Funny Animals

Funny Football Moments and Painful Injuries

This has sum funny football moments and sick injuries but its still funny

the music is

mobb deep - shook ones

the 2nd song is a mix with the beat of nas' hate me now with 2pac and xzibit rappin over it

Great Moments In Presidential Speeches Compilation

Funny George Bush moments

Funny moments about the american president.


This week Matt digs through celebrity closets to see if any skeletons lurk within. We also find out how much a sex tape of the Pussycat Dolls would be worth and meet the charmingly fuzzy James Morrison!

Funny Celebrity Moments(Miley,Britney,Lindsay,Hilary,Beckham

All famous momets ! Funny faces...
Drunk celebrities ....
Lynn spears,Charlize Theron,Leonardo Dicaprio,uma thurman,Britney Spears,Tara,Mary Kate olsen,Lindsay Lohan,Hilary Duff,ben affleck,Matt Damon

Funny Celebrity Acts

we was clownin real talk we DID NOT REHERSE DIS LMAO!!!

Ugly celebrities

Celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong

To all those who are saying how crap it is and all that.... it's for FUN!!! I was trying to amuse MYSELF. I'm not trying to fool anyone that these pictures are real. 'Kin'ell!!



Funny Celebrity Look-A-Likes!

Funny! They really look alkie. Don't mind the music, I didn't pick it out.

Funny celebrity faces

* Amy Winehouse (3) * Angelina Jolie (1) * Ann Coulter (1) * Anna Wintour (1) * Ashlee Simpson (3) * Babies (1) * Britney (5) * Carmen Electra (1) * Catherine Zeta Jones (1) * Clay Aiken (1) * Dina Lohan (4) * Ellen Degeneres (1) * Fergie (1) * George Bush (1) * Guy Ritchie (1) * Gwen Stefani (1) * Gwenyth Paltrow (1) * Hilary Duff (1) * Jennifer Aniston (1) * Jennifer Garner (1) * Jennifer Lopez (3) * Jessica Simpson (2) * Joe Francis (2) * John Travolta (1) * Johnny Depp (1) * K-Fed (1) * Katie Holmes (2) * Kiera Knightly (1) * Kim Kardashian (1) * Larry King (1) * Lindsay Lohan (6) * Madonna (2) * Mariah Carey (1) * Michael Jackson (1) * Miley Cyrus (1) * milfs (4) * Mischa Barton (1) * Mugshots (2) * Nicky Hilton (3) * Nicole Kidman (2) * Nicole Richie (2) * Oprah (2) * Pamela Anderson (3) * Paris Hilton (20) * Pete Doherty (1) * Political (2) * Rachael Ray (1) * Rosie Odonnell (1) * Sarah Jessica Parker (2) * Scarlett Johansson (1) * Seniors (2) * Sharon Stone (1) * Tara Reid (1) * The Girls Next Door (2) * The Olsens (1) * The View (1) * Tom Cruise (3) * Tori Spelling (1) *Victoria Beckham

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