Stop Pete!

Stop Pete!: "Dear Pete:

You sold yet another Who song - Magic Bus - to Madison Ave. for use in a car commercial. Against your familiar opening chords we see images of a Nissan Quest minivan, just how versatile it is, how it holds everything you own, etc. - literally a magic bus. Of all the songs you sold to Madison Ave., the use of this one is easily the most Orwellian.

Magic Bus is about public transportation, Pete. A Nissan Quest , whatever the hell else it is, is not public transportation. The kid in the song wants to buy the bus (which is magic because it takes him to his sweetheart) but it's not for sale, at any price. Yet a Nissan Quest can be had for $24,900 (base trim level).

Bill Flanagan of CBS News quoted you on the sale of your music to whoremongers, here: '...the leader of The Who, has been adamant and articulate about his feelings. He says, 'These songs are my property. They came out of my head. I have every right to do whatever I want with them. You own your personal reactions to them "


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